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JSC "Horses academy" services

  • Care of horses
Horses are very sensitive animals. That’s why we need to take great care of them. Self confident, intelligent and brave horse is a key to winning. HORSES ACADEMY offers constant care and training of horses
  • Horse training for Show jumping competitions

Broken horses are training further disciplines, which helps horse to become more graceful, more self confident. With a help of HORSES ACADEMY riding instructors our horses are able to compete in international competitions.

  • Horse breaking
Training of horses begins when they can carry rider’s weight; usually these horses are about 3 years old. Horse breaking is taming of horse, and teaching him basic commands.
  • Participation in various contests

Trained horses compete in Lithuania and foreign competitions

  • Horseback riding lessons

For all horse sport admirers HORSES ACADEMY offers horseback riding lessons.


Horse dressage and training program consists of 2 parts: horse breaking and horse dressage.
Preparation time of a horse depends on horse's character and previous training.

I part. Horse Breaking

Duration: 6 - 8 weeks

1 week
Horse is getting used to brushing, cleaning, cording and bringing feet. Familiarization with caveson, horse rug, and leg protectors

2 week
Horse is getting used to daily care. Go for a walk every day from 15 to 20 min 2 times per week. Training of voice commands like stop and walk. Introduction of chasing saddle, bridle.

3 week
Horse is being trained to walk in circles, to trot. Starting with 10 minutes and later on increasing to 20 min per session. Horse is chased with saddle. At the end of the week horse is introduced to ‘long reining'.

4 week
Horse is being chased using running side reins, which encourages young horse to stretch his neck forward, to lower his head and to find comfortable contact with the reins. Cavaletties are added for further training process. Horse is training for long reining, which helps horse to understand rein's commands. During this stage horse is training to walk in circle, passage, stop, and stay still. At the end of the week using ‘long reining' horse is introduced with base riding theory, safely habituated with the surroundings.

5 week
After chasing session rider with the help of an assistant climbs on the horse. Horse is being stroked, touched, and taught to feel presence of rider weight. The following day considering the reaction and sensitivity of a horse rider climbs on saddle and with the help of an assistant is walked, taught to walk - stop - walk. Training takes place in riding hall.

6 week
Rider sits on the saddle. At the beginning horse is walked by an assistant. After horse and rider feel confident to walk alone, an assistant steps aside. Horse is ridden using voice and legs commands. Considering the sensitivity, condition and temperament horse is not only walked this week but also breaks into a trot.


II part. Broken Horse dressage

Duration: 5 - 6 weeks

7 - 8 week
Horse is ridden every day for about 20 minutes at first week and gradually to 30 minutes. First two weeks horse training consists of walking, going for a trot, stops and variations. During this training stage horse learns to carry rider's weight when walking and going for a trot. For encouragement of a horse additional, more experienced horse is invited to the training. He will help the young horse to understand what is required from him. At the end of this stage galloping is added for further training.

9 - 10 week
During horseback riding training shifting from galloping and trot, from trot to walk, from walk to stop and vice versa is performed repeatedly. Horse is ridden with loops, serpentines and taught to walk across. First of all these training elements are performed when horse is walking and after same elements are performed when horse is trotting. Working with cavalleties.

11 - 12 week
Additional obstacle exercise is added to the training (height of obstacle is about 80cm). Later on more combinations of obstacles are being created. When good weather conditions are available, horse is ridden in an outdoor field, or a forest accompanied by more experienced horse. This method increases confident of a horse and helps him to deal with environment and various environment's irritants.

Second horse dressage stage apart from riding with saddle includes chasing in circles with side-attached cord, cavalleties and long reining.